KALW and Firehouse Forum

The new year has brought with it the release of an interview and a group discussion in which I participated last fall.

The interview was on KALW radio’s “Crosscurrents,” hosted by Hana Baba, and discusses the underlying premise of The Sea and Civilization as well as the importance of the sea and maritime enterprise to the growth of the ports of San Francisco and Oakland.

We just aren't as aware of the importance of the maritime trade, commerce, and so on, as we once were, because it's really not visible. It's become removed from the centers of other human activity . . . but if you want to see the results of shipping, just get into a traffic jam. And the twenty-foot trailer or the forty-foot trailer [in front of you] is probably a few hours or a few days at the most from the back of a ship.

A few weeks later, I took part in the Maine Coast Book Shop’s Third Firehouse Forum in Damariscotta. There I shared the stage with Jim Nelson, maritime historian and author of historical fiction, most recently Dubh-linn (part of The Norsemen Saga and sequel to Fin Gall), and Warren Riess, president of the North American Society of Oceanic History (NASOH), maritime archeologist, and author (with Sheli O. Smith) of the newly released The Ship that Held Up Wall Street. Our collective thanks to Nicole Olivier for pulling together this event.